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Gold Stars Speakers Bureau® provides an extensive network of expert and celebrity international speakers and entertainment choices. Our consultants positively address specific needs to meet convention goals or strategic initiatives. Gold Stars Speakers Bureau® has served corporate groups, trade associations, government agencies, and education or nonprofit organizations both domestically and internationally for over 27 years. Gold Stars Speakers Bureau®, where "Our Word is Gold!"

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Speaker Spotlight

Ian Morrison
Who can effectively forecast

about the changing

healthcare environment?


Ian Morrison can! Incisively, comprehensively and insightfully. Highly credentialed in the industry as well as author of multiple books, Ian helps organizations with forecasting, strategy and leadership issues. If you want to know conclusive information on healthcare, Ian Morrison will fill the bill.

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Ian Morrison


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"The Business of Successful Speaking is a must read for any aspiring speaker, or for any professional who wants to truly understand the speaking business." - Kevin E. Graham

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We place a great deal of value in the trust of our clients. We operate with the highest integrity. You can feel confident that all information you submit to Gold Stars Speakers Bureau, including personal contact information, will be used exclusively for internal purposes, and never sold to an outside party.

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Neal Petersen takes you on a journey from his personal struggles and childhood, of just being able to walk, to becoming the first black man to race solo around the globe, and in doing so breaking down every barrier, real and perceived and including political ones, put before him.


Waldo Waldman is author of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller "Never Fly Solo." He teaches organizations how to build trusting, revenue producing relationships with their employees, partners, and customers while sharing his experiences as a combat decorated F-16 fighter pilot and businessman.


Jim Pancero has the most advanced,

leading-edge “business to business”

sales and sales management training

available today. His presentations are

extensively researched and is focused

to increase an organization’s strategic

competitive advantage and market



Allison Massari overcame two extraordinary personal tragedies. She survived a near fatal 60 mph car crash where she was trapped and burned severely. Just three years later she was hit again at 60 mph and suffered a near fatal brain injury. Against near insurmountable odds, she created an amazing life.


Kelly McDonald is an expert on

marketing and business trends with

specialization in social media and

marketing, multicultural marketing,

generational insights and Hispanic

marketing. She is high energy and high

content. Her enthusiasm ignites

audiences of every size and is often

chosen as an opening or closing

keynote speaker.


Ross Shafer, one of the most sought

after keynote speakers, is widely known

for his leadership tactics that help you

build customer empathy, motivate your

employees, and grow your business!


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