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Gold Stars Speakers Bureau® provides an extensive network of expert and celebrity international speakers and entertainment choices. Our consultants positively address specific needs to meet convention goals or strategic initiatives. Gold Stars Speakers Bureau® has served corporate groups, trade associations, government agencies, and education or nonprofit organizations both domestically and internationally for over 27 years. Gold Stars Speakers Bureau®, where "Our Word is Gold!"

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Seth Mattison
Revolutionary Leadership ~ Workforce Strategist ~ Trend Spotter ~ Generational Diversity

Seth Mattison combines in-depth research with real-life stories that spark unique dialogues and actionable takeaways. He advises on key shifts within talent management, leadership and the future of work. His dynamic management approach encourages leaders to embrace change and enjoy freedom from obsolete management models to create new practices that promote success. Seth challenges businesses to unleash the power and perspective of generational diversity and learn the new communications of the digital society.

Elevate your leaders – and organization – to the pace of change required to compete and succeed!

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Seth Mattison

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We place a great deal of value in the trust of our clients. We operate with the highest integrity. You can feel confident that all information you submit to Gold Stars Speakers Bureau, including personal contact information, will be used exclusively for internal purposes, and never sold to an outside party.

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Dennis Snow former Disney instructor, Dennis helps organizations achieve goals and create world-class customer service, employee development and leadership skills.

Sally Hogshead is a motivational speaker in Marketing and Branding who teaches how to break through the distraction and competition by creating moments of intense focus.


Afterburner brings elite military precision to top corporations around the world. They train organizations to harness complexity, drive accountability, increase agility and accelerate performance at the individual, team and organizational levels.


Joseph Grenny is a bestselling author, dynamic keynote speaker, and leading social scientist for business performance. He helps organizations achieve new levels of performance specifically focused on changing human behavior.


Debra Fine a former engineer, teaches useful meetings conversation skills for business networking events, conventions, meetings, trade shows, as well as how to interact with clients, customers and patients.


Robert Kriegel is one of the most in demand business spaekers! He teaches innovative, “out of the box” strategies for keeping ahead of change and competition in today’s marketplace. His customized speeches and programs will entertain, inform, and inspire you.



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