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Heart of a Woman in Business is an inspirational collection celebrating working women and their unique contributions to the workplace. This "here's how" book combines sisters-sharing insight with guidance, ideas, stories, and "I am doing it, you can too!" encouragement. About the Author: Sheryl Roush is an international speaker and author, who offers humor, heart, and hope to rekindle the spirit and boost morale. She has worked in major corporations and also created eight businesses of her own. Heart of a Woman in Business will inspire you to: Bolster your career Celebrate your talents Trust your intuition and insights Polish your business skills Recognize the opportunities placed before you Pursue your talents and gifts Connect with you creativity and use it to your advantage Introduction to the Book This collection is dedicated to women in the workplace—be it at a job in our chosen field or one we found along our career path. Employed or self-employed. "Sisters" share their tips, ideas, and insights for raising the bar, striving for success and living dreams. We bring balance to chaotic environments, inspiring cooperation and harmony. We bring our gifts of vision, intuition, and creativity to whatever we do and wherever we choose to do it. Our jobs do not define us. Instead, we bring our essence to our jobs—in our choice of service to others and the world. How we serve others is an extension of our love as we joyfully align with our gifts and our authenticity. More than ever before our voices are heard and our skills are respected. I determined at thirteen that life is too short to have a job I don't like. If I couldn't find a job to do what I wanted to do, I would create my own... and at sixteen started my first of eight businesses. I held executive positions and succeeded in positions that were stereotypically held by men. These jobs were vital training for what I do today, helping organizations create positive work environments, boost motivation, and improve morale. Many of my contributing co-authors have similar stories. The core message of this book is about having that passion—every day—for what we do. May you celebrate these inspirations for your spirit, skills for your mind, and nurturing for your body, and may you find your success. Table of Contents Introduction Inspiration for the heart    Who Am I to Be Brilliant?    The Law of Action    What Sparkles Your Inspiration?    Thirty Rules for Women in Business    Affirmations for Women in Business    Fertile Soil for Dreamers    Here's Your Kick in the Pants!    I'm Not Finished with Me Yet The Driving Force    Games Mother Never Taught Me!    The Nature of Leadership and Personal Ambition    The New Triple Bottom Line at Work    Inventing Women Fulfilling Your Soul    Women Supporting Women    Healing the Separation between Physical Appearance and Fulfilling Your Soul    Financial Alchemy: Create a New Relationship with Money    A Leap of Faith    Fining Your Niche Polishing Up on Business Skills    Which Words? Bring Eloquence to Your Presentation Skills    Affirmation for Presenters    Four Keys to Authenticity    The Best Things about a Job Search    How to Fire Someone    Diversity    Keep Your Papers Moving!    The 7 P's    Stress Management at Work    Time Management: The Great Wall of Time    A Gift of Praise    Commit to Excellence    Cultivating a Refreshing Environment    September Days    The Bosses' Daughter    Trust Your Intuition    Validating Others—Even When The Don't Like You!    Waiting for Jumoke    When the Door Opens Light Moments    Benefit Package    Great Days at Work    Forever Four    In Pursuit of Less Challenging Work    New Dress Code Best Practices, Strategies & Ideas    Leading with Heart    Goal Setting: Five Steps to Stay on Track with Your Business    Eleven Tips to Bring Your Goals Alive    Thirteen Virtues    Managing Change    Add Space, Systems, and Success to Your Business    How to Take a Good Picture of Someone    Lead, Don't Boss Around    My MBA—Mom's Business Advice    Passion Hobbies    Suit Yourself and Become a Star    The Power of "I Want To"    Tidbits for Top Performance Businesswomen and Motherhood    Keep a Positive Attitude with Positive Communication    Suggestions for Communicating with Your Children    Gifts from the Heart: The Making of a Business Woman    Giving Back    Why Won't Anyone Hire Me?    Cheers for the Volunteers From a Day Job to My Own Job    Changing Limiting Beliefs    Fame, Fortune or Fulfillment—What Fuels You?    Home and the Home Office    How Did I Get to Be a Life and Business Coach?    My Mid-Life Career Change    What Is Your Occupassion? Entrepreneurial Spirit    Let Your Business Lead You    Back to Where I Began...To Find the Heart of My Business    Classroom of Life    Creative Success    Broadcast Your Passion    Being the Right Person in the Right Place at the Right Time    Roller Coaster    The Entrepreneur    Never Underestimate the Power of a Purse    The Tree Farm: An Extended Family    Tupperware and Toddlers    What I Didn't Expect to Learn in Cancer School    How to "Be" in Business! Business Builders    Authentic Connections Know No Boundaries    Develop a Positive Belief about Self-Promotion    Get a New Attitude When it Comes to Sales    Secrets to Becoming a Master Sales Communicator Nurturing Our Mind, Body, & Spirit    Nurturing Yourself and Keep Your Sanity    Rejuvenating the Heart of a Success-Oriented Woman    What Inspires You?    Take a Break!    Keeping Your Balance    Sparkle-Tude™ Boosters    Affirmation for Honoring Ourselves    20 Ways to be Wealthier and Healthier    How to Savor a Healthy Life    Exercise: Developing a Livable Routine    Advice to Women    Practice Yoga to Promote Health Wealth    Mindful Eating and Energy    Staying Fit at the Office: Turn Your Desk Into a Fitness Center Whispers of Wisdom Uplifting the Spirit Author's Information This book is a must for every woman in business! Heart of a Woman in Business Price: $16.95 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 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Heart of a Woman in Business - By Sheryl L. Roush
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