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As an astronaut and the fourth person to walk on the moon, Alan Bean is dedicated to inspiring people to be the best they can be, so their families and companies can be the best they can be. Sending humans from Planet Earth to explore the moon and return was a glamorous and newsworthy dream, but no more important than the dreams we all have in our hearts right now. With this conviction, Alan will take each person in the audience with him as Lunar Module Pilot on the flight of Apollo 12 and along the way present some thoughts and ideas that will help individuals and teams reach for their own professional and personal stars.

By talking with, and listening to the client prior to an event, Alan custom tailors each speech around the theme of the client’s event and the specific goals they wish to emphasize. He does this by telling stories from personal experiences during his 18-year career in NASA, Alan can focus on a broad variety of subjects from teamwork, adapting successfully to change, achieving at maximum potential, and thinking more creatively. Alan will share his ideas on effective leadership, and effective followership, as well as ways organizations can accomplish their goals and more. He talks about the most important life lesson he learned in his 18 years as a NASA Astronaut.

In 1973, he was Commander of Skylab Mission II where he lived 59 days in space, orbiting 270 miles above our planet Earth. Under his leadership his crew accomplished 150% of their pre-mission goals – a record unsurpassed before or since. During his career as an astronaut, Alan helped establish 11 world records in aeronautics and astronautics. He was awarded 2 NASA Distinguished Service Medals. He also has received the Robert J. Collier Trophy, the Yuri Gagarin Gold Medal, and many other national and international honors.

Captain Bean shows why as human beings from the Planet Earth we are the most extraordinary creatures in the universe. We are unique because as far as we know we are the only beings in the universe whose only limits are those we place on ourselves. As a NASA Astronaut, Bean learned that people and teams of people did not have to be extraordinarily gifted or talented to do something great. No matter what their level of achievement may have been in the past, with the right attitude and the ability to think straight they can be great in the future. Organizations and individuals are almost always significantly better than they believe. The saving of the Apollo 13 crew after their oxygen tank exploded is a perfect example.

Alan has competence and credibility and he causes them to think about where they are professionally and where they want to be. He stresses that we have but a brief chance to accomplish all we have dreamed we could. What we do today and tomorrow is not a rehearsal. Right now is the time we must develop the tools that will enable us to be the individuals professionally and personally, we have always dreamed we could be. Captain Bean believes that most of us do not know and practice what he believes from his 18 years as a NASA Astronaut to be the most important rule for being good team members and good team leaders.

  • Reach for Your Stars for Down to Earth Results
  • Reaching for Your Own Special Stars!

Science/Space, Motivation, Leadership, Risk, Team Building
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"Alan was fantastic. His presentation was informative, entertaining and inspiring, and the interaction with our guests was incredible –a truly memorable afternoon. Also...the opportunity to work with Alan and get to know him was both a pleasure and an honor. Thanks for getting us together." - Wipro Technologies

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