Make a Dream Board or Book
By: Barbara Sanfilippo

While waiting for your sales to increase and your dreams to appear, it's important to focus on success and avoid discouragement. Pictures are a powerful visual reminder of your future dreams because they impact your emotions and increase your desire. Bob and I took pictures of Mediterranean dream homes around the San Diego area several years ago even though we did not have the money. We looked at the photos often and imagined living in a spacious, light home with canyon views. A year later a builder sold us one of the distressed homes for nearly half price and we moved in to our dream home shortly thereafter.

Many years ago before I became a speaker, I imagined being an author. While I didn't have a clue how I would do it, I decided to go for it anyway. One day I was flipping through a magazine and saw an ad for the "Book of the Month Club." I cut out a picture of a book and added it to my Dream Board with a photograph of myself holding the book. Three years later I had just finished speaking at a convention on customer service when a woman enthusiastically approached me.

"Those were excellent ideas. I'm a publisher and if you put your ideas in a book, I'll publish it," she said.

I explained I didn't have a manuscript and she gave me one year to write the book. My first book, Five Star Service, was published a year later. Do you think I'm lucky? There's no such thing as luck. I expected, imagined and believed I would be an author.

Years ago a real estate broker in my audience later emailed me to tell me she created a team Dream Board in her office. All her agents regularly post pictures of things they intend to create. It's no coincidence, of course, that this broker is consistently in the top 5% of real estate offices for her company. When appropriate, I now include the Dream Board exercise in some of my sales and motivational programs. To increase your team performance, create a team Dream Board and get everyone excited about reaching their personal and business goals.

An average performer believes, "A dream is a fantasy event in my life never meant to occur." A top performer believes, "A dream is a future event in my life waiting to occur." To increase sales, revenue goals or achieve your biggest life's dreams, you must see it and believe it. Act as if your dream is coming and make your Dream Board now!

- Copyright 2007 by Barbara Sanfilippo. All rights reserved.

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