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President’s Message: Productivity is critical to a successful organization!  Is productivity a point of focus for you and your colleagues? Do you push yourselves to grow on a constant basis? Perhaps you have not asked yourself these types of questions recently. If not, it might be time to ask now!  Productivity matters, for a lot of reasons. Productivity in action translates into a feeling of work satisfaction as well as an increased bottom line. To help you focus on being more productive, we asked our productivity experts to provide you with some practical tips.  My personal tip:  Drink an extra cup of coffee!  (Kidding!… sort of)  It’s all about being open to growing yourself and those around you to build a successful, productive business!  Enjoy and read on! Andrea H. Gold President, Gold Stars Speakers Bureau®  
What the New Census Means to Your Business, Today and Tomorrow by: Kelly McDonald If you could grow your business simply by marketing to your existing customers, making money would be a cakewalk. But to generate new revenue, you have to win over the customers you’re not getting. Who are these mystery customers? How are they different from your current clientele?  Most importantly, how do you forge a bond with them across their differences?
Top Ten Email Timesavers/Productivity Enhancers by: Randy Dean Randy is always looking for ways to find a few seconds here and there in things I'm already doing anyway, and e-mail is something I'm doing every day! There are a number of “handy strategies” when it comes to managing your e-mail, and using these tips can make a massive difference in your productivity AND your sanity...
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February 2012
Quote of the Month  Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort. -   Paul J. Mayer
Workout Wisdom for the Workplace by: Eileen McDargh The dictionary defines workout as a “physical or mental effort or activity directed toward the production or accomplishment of something.” Sounds just like our workplaces where effort is expended to provide either a product or a service.  Look closer at a gym and one can learn seven lessons in leading self as well as others for performance improvement...
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