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President’s Message: Do you embrace and maximize your use of social media? Social Media (SM) has changed the way our society conducts business, interacts with one another and how we communicate as a whole. This new digital communications avenue allows millions of people access to your business and your business culture without ever stepping into your building or calling your office.  And it’s free for everyone to use!  SM is growing and changing every day.  As business owners and executives, you need to keep your competitive edge by staying up to date on SM.  How do these SM changes affect your customers, your prospects and your staff? SM is not an end-all-be-all for business marketing.  But it does play an important role - and should probably play an increasing role - in every marketing plan. How are you using SM in your business?? Comment on our Facebook page: Andrea H. Gold President, Gold Stars Speakers Bureau®  
Twitter...Now I get It by: Greg Schwem I have a love/hate relationship with Twitter, the social media platform that lets you text your innermost thoughts-in 140 characters or less. When I first signed up to tweet, I thought Twitter was the dumbest idea since a gasoline pump with a TV screen.  All day long I received highly informational tweets like, "Just checked into Hilton Scottsdale" and "Line at Starbucks is NOT moving."...
5 Ways 2 Build UR Biz w/ Soc Med by: Terry L. Brock Social media is a new way of communicating and making money. It requires certain dexterity and new methods of marketing. As you embrace these for your business, you gain more and can be much more profitable. Here are some of the action steps you can deploy now with your business-building tools for increased productivity and profit:u feel...
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April 2012
Quote of the Month  Social Media is about the people! Not about your business. Provide for the people and the people will provide for you. -   Matt Goulart
The Top 20 Technology-Driven Trends for 2012 by: Dan Burrus No matter what industry you’re in, your company can’t survive without technology. And these days, even non-technical employees know that technology goes way beyond desktop computers and networks. From smart phones and tablet computers to mobile apps and cloud-based technology, there’s a plethora of...
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