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President’s Message: Dear Colleagues, Clients and Speakers: I want to take a moment to send thoughts, prayers, strength and fortitude to the people of Colorado and Florida, undergoing so many challenges right now!  To all of our wonderful clients and speakers and dear friends in these locations, we send you our best wishes for a quick turnaround and recovery!! Back to business... what are you doing to improve your customer service? Lately, I have become more aware of how bad customer service has become. Don't get me wrong, because I have had a lot of wonderful service. However, there are times when the staff at different businesses have acted as if customers were a bother.  In our present economic times, no business can afford poor service and this kind of bad press! In this newsletter, we have three experts who can help you and your organization improve the service you provide to the most important people to your business, your customers!  Read on...! Andrea H. Gold President, Gold Stars Speakers Bureau®  
Is There a Place for Fairness in Business? by: Robert Stevenson Spirit Airlines made the decision to deny a dying Vietnam War veteran a refund for a ticket he purchased prior to finding out that he would be unable to fly because of his medical condition. The episode went viral on the internet and turned into a glorified PR mess for Spirit Airlines. I heard an attorney explain that the decision was made for legal reasons because Spirit Airlines did not want...
10 Practices of Exceptional Service by: Mark Sanborn My research of and work with the very best service providers demonstrates that they all do a lot of things right. However, I've found that there are at least 10 practices that they have in common. They are the following: 1. Eliminate Irritants Customer service is as much what you don't do to customers as it is what you do for them...
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June 2012
Quote of the Month  Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the client or customer gets out of it. -   Peter Drucker
Signs of Great Service by: Chip Bell Private resort communities have driving rules that are different from those in public territory. We were vacationing at one of those super nice, beachfront resort communities … the ones with the homes you might rent for the week of your 25th wedding anniversary. A hundred feet beyond the resort entrance security guard we passed a street sign that read “Speed Limit: 23 mph...”.
In this issue - Exceptional Customer Service in 2012
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