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President’s Message: Dear Colleagues, Clients and Speakers: In times of constant change, like today, it is critically important to reinvent ourselves. In this issue, two of our speakers discuss some ways for you to make positive changes. One earmark of the most highly successful people is this: they never stop learning. Gold Stars' newsletter presents articles to further your learning, and to continually ramp you up. Next month, we are moving to a new newsletter service. You will see a new newsletter format. We too, have to walk our own talk and keep up with changes in business! Andrea H. Gold President, Gold Stars Speakers Bureau®  
Risk. Reinvent. Repeat! by: Libby Gill Summer is over. School and work are back in session. Maybe you’ve been slowing down or even gotten completely stuck. Don’t beat up on yourself, it’s all part of the human condition. The first step is to determine where you’re stuck so you can begin getting unstuck...
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September 2012
Quote of the Month:  Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.       - Albert Einstein
Becoming an Imagination Expert by: James Mapes The word “imagination” has always resonated deep within my soul. In my imagination, I can go anywhere, be anyone and accomplish anything. As a child, I lived and dreamt within my imagination... When you think of the imagination - what comes to mind? Do you automatically connect imagination with creativity? Is there a difference between creativity and imagination? You bet there is!
In this issue - Imagination and Reinvention
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