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Authors Who Speak Sell More Books

Authors Who Speak Sell More Books

By Gary K. Yamamoto and Andrea H. Gold

What is it worth to sell dozens or hundreds of books before, during, and after a speaking engagement?

The average author sells only 250 books in their lifetime. Do you want to monetize your books in a big way? Add speaking to your expertise, and watch your book sales increase exponentially! Speakers have sold dozens to thousands of books during one presentation. You’ll find many sales ideas and tips geared to the professional speaker. You can implement many of them right away in your speaking career for speedy profitability! The authors themselves have applied many of these ideas to sell speakers’ books in quantity for huge returns – and with little extra effort! Just one idea is potentially worth tens of thousands (or more!) over time.

A quick inspiring story

One of the Gold Stars' speakers shared the results of selling his new book for the first time at a speaking engagement. He arrived home and took out all the money and checks (it was a while back) stuffed in his pockets, belt, and even in his shoes! When he walked in, his wife shouted, “What happened?” He smiled, replying, “You notice the difference?” He had sold a few thousand dollars more than his booking fee. He was bragging to his wife.

You can do the same!

Discover a variety of techniques to offer your book from the platform, found in Authors Who Speak Sell More Books.

Want to sell tens or hundreds of your books in one day?

You’ve written and published your book. Congratulations! You want people to purchase and read your book. You’ve waited for royalties to come rolling in from your publisher. Unfortunately, if you are like most authors, you’ll probably be disappointed. You wrote a great book; so why isn’t it selling?

Selling your book is your job

Your publisher probably did not mention it, but selling your book is your job. Your publisher sends your book to its distribution chain of distributors and wholesalers. Hopefully, retail bookstores and chains will pick up your book. After any sales, you’ll receive your royalties, less taxes, returns, and shipping costs. It’s pretty much the same scenario if you’re a self-published author! Unless you are a celebrity author, your book’s volume-sale outlook is iffy.

Another path: how to multiply your book sales profits

Do you share your expertise with others in a group setting? By speaking directly to an audience, you can excite them about your book. If you could share some valuable insights and knowledge in an hour, how much more useful information will they find in your book? Whether you are a new speaker or a veteran professional speaker, you can create that opportunity. PLUS…not only will people purchase your book, you’ll also get paid to speak! You’ll find what you need to know to create a solid speaking business foundation, so you can work towards becoming a million-dollar speaker. Look up: The Business of Successful Speaking: Proven Secrets of Million-Dollar Speakers.

Book sales go hand-in-hand with the speaking business

Speakers often receive thousands of dollars for a one-hour speaking engagement. Imagine if the group pre-purchases your book for every attendee? Or they buy the book following your presentation? What a wonderful income source!

What does it take?

You will learn specific time-tested methods from this book. Become proficient in selling at the time you are booked for speaking or from the platform! Some invaluable points include:

• How to sell your book in the back of the room.

• How to handle the money and not get overwhelmed.

• How to sell your pre-sell your book in quantity – before you even arrive.

• How to sell an audience without selling.

• Best suggestions from professional speakers.

Expand your book’s full profit potential

This quote from one of our speakers says it all about how to leverage your book for its full money-making potential. “Someone once asked me how much I made for my first Guerrilla Marketing book. The answer I gave was $10 million. The book itself only paid me about $35,000 in royalties, but the speaking engagements, spinoff books, newsletters, columns, boot-camps, consulting, and wide open doors resulted in the remaining $9,965,000,” - Jay Conrad Levinson

Applying just one tip more than pays for the modest price of this book!

Watch your book sales numbers skyrocket once you discover and apply the easy methods in Authors Who Speak. In a single booking, Andrea was able to sell as much as $29,000 worth of an author’s book. While this is an exceptional case, you know that to see any quantity of books beats selling books one-by-one.

About the authors

Andrea Gold is the president of Gold Stars Speakers Bureau, booking thousands of engagements for speakers for more than 32 years. She has sold many speakers’ books in large quantities, totaling into many thousands. She knows the speaking business. Co-author Gary Yamamoto has been a professional speaker for over 30 years. He was the president of a trade book publishing company and author of multiple books.

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