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Business of Successful Speaking (BOSS for short), BOSS workbook

Business of Successful Speaking (BOSS for short), BOSS workbook

By Andrea H. Gold and Gary K. Yamamoto

COMBO COMING SOON! As you read The Business of Successful Speaking, you’ll get guidance, ideas and insights to create a strong foundation for professional speaking success. You’ll read the section on setting up your office and discover what additional equipment you’ll need. When you read about fees, you’ll find out you can charge for more than you thought possible. You find out where you can practice your new speech and learn the best ways for you to market and sell your presentations. You’ll read about contracts and how to create your own contracts, including the most important points. You’ll find yourself taking notes hastily scribbled on different sheets of paper, all of which you’ll probably stick into your book for later reference as you work on becoming a successful speaker.

The Business of Successful Speaking Workbook allows you to follow the book and make appropriate notes you’ll need as a professional speaker in a convenient book. You may need to consider different fee schedules for virtual presentations and what conditions you will allow recording of these presentations. You may wish to include important points on what meeting planners and decision makers will want from you and what to include in a proposal. You should also include ideas on the best way for you to approach speakers bureaus what information they need and want from you. All your ideas and insights will be recorded in a place you can always refer to. If you have information from other resources, you can also record it here.

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