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Business of Successful Speaking (BOSS for short), BOSS workbook, Authors Who Speak bundle

Business of Successful Speaking (BOSS for short), BOSS workbook, Authors Who Speak bundle

By Andrea H. Gold and Gary K. Yamamoto

COMBO COMING SOON! The Business of Successful Speaking and Workbook give you all you need to become a successful speaker. Set up a wonderful office, create the right presentations, fulfilling the needs of your client. You’ve practiced your presentations often enough using the given suggestions that you are becoming better known. You followed the advice of professional speakers and wrote you book. But you lack the expertise to sell it on the platform.

What is it worth to sell dozens or hundreds of books before, during, and after a speaking engagement? We recall one of our speakers the first time he had his book to sell at an engagement. He came home and took out all the money and checks (it was a while back) in his pockets and belt and even in his shoe. When he walked in, his wife shouted, “What happened”? He smiled and said, “You notice the difference”? He had sold a few thousand dollars more than his booking fee. He was bragging to his wife.

You can do the same. Different techniques to offer your book from the platform are found in Authors Who Speak Sell More Books. Erase any idea you may have of forcing or coercing the audience to purchase your books. Instead, look at your books as being added information you weren’t able to share during your presentation. After a wonderful presentation, attendees often want to take more of your insights and wisdom home with them. By not offering your book, you do them and yourself a disservice. They can refer to your book as a guide whenever they have a  question on the topic or a need.

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