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Creative Dream Analysis: A Guide to Self-Development

Creative Dream Analysis: A Guide to Self-Development

By Gary K. Yamamoto

Don’t miss out on what your dreams are trying to tell you!

Discover the five types of dreams, and the roles they play in dreams. Find out if last night’s dream may perhaps save your life, provide guidance, or remove stress. Finally, learn what your dreams are really saying to you!

Do you have recurring dreams or nightmares? Or wake up in a sweat because you couldn’t find your classroom in school? Did you lose a tooth? Perhaps you were chased by a wild animal or someone with a gun? This book will help you realize the meanings of these examples. You’ll find out the importance of a nightmare or understand how to identify a psychic dream and why you have them.

Creative Dream Analysis takes you beyond the mystery of dreams into actually interpreting them. Apply what you’ll learn so you can use your dreams for practical purposes! Solve problems, receive guidance, and enhance your creating abilities! Discover the five different types of dreams, and the roles they play in dreams. You might just find that the meaning of a nightmare isn’t quite a scary as it feels.

Tap your own inner power using the author’s methods and the symbols dictionaries in this book helps you for potentially profound results!

Complete, precise, and totally understandable. A “must” for every seeker on the path of life. Perfect. – Jon-Terence Diegel, L.H.D.

This book will change what you think about dreams forever. Dreams are your lifetime guide helping you to succeed. Dreams can provide all the following:

  • Solutions to problems

  • Innovative answers

  • Creative ideas

  • New uses for old products

  • Ideas for books, music, songs, novels, etc.

  • Methods to communicate ideas

  • Insights into other people

  • Insights into the dreamer's life situations.

The author himself has benefitted numerous times from his dreams over many decades such as dramatically solving engineering problems in communications and nuclear weapons. Through the guidance from his dreams, he has also written children’s books, composed original music, and been guided on operating two businesses  He has lectured about dreams at the exclusive Canyon Ranch  and gained insights as to how the successful guests used their dreams.

Within the pages of Creative Dream Analysis, the author shows you how to quickly extract the messages in your dreams. You'll find out how to take advantage of your most trusted guide -- your dreams -- that know everything about your life and provide you with a constant flow of advice, ideas, and solutions. Dreams can even relieve your stress.

Isn’t it time you used your built-in lifetime assistant in your quest for maximum success and enjoyment?

Also recommended by the author:

The Power of Dreams: More than Entertainment while You Sleep (coming soon)

Together, these two books provide you with powerful and practical tools so you can reap the benefits of your dreams.

About the author:

Gary K. Yamamoto was born and raised in Honolulu and is an ordained priest in the American Catholic Church of Malabar. He is an author of numerous books, and has been a spiritual teacher and advisor for decades, as well as working as an electrical and nuclear engineer for the federal government. As a professional speaker, he has conducted workshops on dream analysis as well as other personal growth topics and was a regular and popular lecturer at the exclusive Canyon Ranch. Yamamoto’s unswerving faith in every individual’s “inner intelligence” is both refreshing and inspiring.

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