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The Business of Successful Speaking: Proven Secrets to Becoming a Million Dollar Speaker

The Business of Successful Speaking: Proven Secrets to Becoming a Million Dollar Speaker

By Andrea H. Gold and Gary K. Yamamoto

Every aspiring professional (and veteran) speaker needs this definitive A to Z business guide to build and sustain a successful speaking career! For a modest investment, get thousands of dollars’ worth of must-have insider professional speaking information.

…You will shorten your learning curve and increase your earning curve… – Jim Cathcart, CSP, CPAE, award-winning speaker and author of more than 13 books.

The presentation is just the beginning.

Many speakers have wonderful platform skills, fantastic content and absolutely no marketing savvy. This book can help great speakers become well-known speakers! " The Business of Successful Speaking should be required reading for anyone entering the speaking business! Your fantastic message and wonderful delivery really don’t matter, if not one is listening. The Business of Successful Speaking will help ensure that you have an audience. – Marshall Goldsmith, Thought Leader, Professional Speaker, and Author of multiple books, including: What Got You Here Won't Get You There.

This is a no-nonsense book full of tips, forms, facts, and insights, yet easy to read.

I love this book, thank you so much. So many things I never even thought about. Wow, I love it. Could not put it down, every paragraph is 'wow'. I usually sleep by 10 pm. Last night I kept reading it until midnight, still I was not sleepy but I had to sleep by the clock. – Nina Dhillon, Motivational Speaker for Women

Get much-needed inside information to successfully launch your speaking business.

Dive in to any chapter, in any order! Learn about all the elements required to run a successful speaking business. Discover what decision makers and meeting planners want from their speakers. Find out meeting planners’ wants, needs, fears, frustrations, complaints, and praises. Learn what marketing material you need to provide to clients.

You’ll get this – and much, much more – from this important book:

• The different types of speakers and presentations you can give.

• Useful forms and examples that you can use immediately.

• How the economy affects the speaking business.

• Legal issues and what to include in a speaking contract.

• Direction on pricing your presentation and negotiating fees.

• What meeting planners expect from a speaker.

• Guidance on contacting and working with speakers bureaus.

• Ways of finding and approaching clients.

• Key marketing material you need to have ready to send to prospects.

• Important factors to communicate when accepting a booking.

You’ll also discover a lot more!

• Ideas for additional streams of income created from your presentations.

• Secret tips and gems from some of the best speakers in the world.

• The realistic math behind potentially becoming a million-dollar speaker.

• Marketing and sales information to help set you up for business success.

Each one of these items is worth the price of the book alone.

This is the most comprehensive flight plan for the business of speaking I have ever seen, written by two experienced and successful industry experts. A must read for speakers plotting their career.

Howard Putnam, Former CEO Southwest Airlines, Author: The Winds of Turbulence

If you are considering a professional speaking business, The Business of Successful Speaking gives you a realistic inside look of what it takes. This book helps you shorten your learning time and accelerate your speaking career. It offers you a powerful pathway to follow your passion while maximizing your potential to succeed.

TIP: To help you record – and apply – the great ideas you gain from this book, also consider getting the companion workbook, The Business of Successful Speaking Workbook. It will help you create a customized foundation for your speaking business, and move you forward!

Gold and Yamamoto have poured years of experience onto these pages. This book provides the fundamentals for newbies in the industry and several key secrets for seasoned speakers. Times change; demands change; etiquette changes. This book prevents a mistake that can cost a career, and puts you on the path to quick success. It's easily worth ten times the price! – Dianna Booher, MA, CSP, CPAE, Professional Speaker and Author: The Voice of Authority and nearly 50 other books.

The authors run Gold Stars Speakers Bureau. They don't appear to hold anything back in telling how to get started, decide on fees, bill clients and improve chances for success... – J.C. Martin, Arizona Daily Star

About the authors

Over her 32-plus years of experience, Andrea H. Gold has personally booked thousands of speaking engagements worldwide for tens of millions of dollars. Her insights and advice will help you to become a successful speaker and avoid pitfalls. Gary K. Yamamoto has been a professional speaker for more than 40 years. Their clients include corporations, trade associations, and government agencies. The authors wrote this special book so that people holding dear the passion of becoming a professional speaker could get started and truly realize their dreams.

Speed up your progress with the companion workbook

Along with this book, we recommend you get The Business of Successful Speaking Workbook. It tracks with the book, allowing you to take pertinent notes, capture ideas, and apply the information as you read. No more procrastinating! The workbook helps you to take action on your dreams!

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