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The Power of Dreams: How Dreams Create Fame and Fortune

The Power of Dreams: How Dreams Create Fame and Fortune

By Gary K. Yamamoto

NEW! COMING SOON! Isn’t it time for you to take advantage of your dreams?

Why are our highest aspirations called dreams? It’s because our sleeping dreams are key to helping us achieve our aspirational dreams. If authors, artists, scientists, technologists, and entrepreneurs have profited from the messages of their dreams. You can, too!

When you woke up this morning and rushed off without noting any sleeping dreams, that omission just may have cost you a million-dollar idea or solution. But if you had paused and recorded your dreams, it may have guided you to prevent problems, provided innovative solutions, or perhaps led you to a potential life of fame and fortune.

I loved the real life examples for each dream category and Gary’s in-depth research into other people's dream experiences. Sharing his own story and how using his dreams to better understand his daily life was powerful! The paragraphs he shared that a person can say before bed worked great and are easy to add to a person's nightly routine. – Boon Campbell, Colorado Springs, Colorado

It’s not just another dream

Read about these examples of how you can benefit from this book:

  • Albert Einstein became famous when his dream gifted him with the theory of relativity.

  • Stephenie Meyer penned her bestselling book, Twilight, after dreaming about vampires.

  • Salvador Dali painted his strange dreams on canvas – for huge profits.

  • Floyd Ragsdale’s dream solved breakdown problems on DuPont’s Kevlar machine.

  • James Cameron’s dreams inspired the blockbuster movies Avatar and Terminator.

  • The Titanic passengers who heeded their ship-sinking dreams survived.

  • Learn to share productive dream experiences with other people through a lucid or shared dream.

Applying your dreams for real outcomes

Dreams offer powerful and brilliant applications for both business and personal uses. Organizations that harness the dream power of their people contribute to future successes. Every person enhances his or her value to an organization by unleashing the unlimited insights found in dreams. Businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals can discover innovative solutions and greater creativity through their dreams!

Dreams foster fulfilling relationships and understanding

Dreams offer powerful guidance for personal relationships. They can help you to find, create, and maintain positive and meaningful connections with the important people in your life. Your dreams can also help in creating and maintaining your personal relationship. After all, a lost relationship is a high price to pay for business and financial success. Your dreams can help guide you in finding, creating, and maintaining a wonderful relationship.

Your dreams are hard at work solving your problems and providing you with useful and even profitable ideas. The author’s first book, Creative Dream Analysis: A Guide to Self-Development, helps you with your personal relationships and family situations.

Gary Yamamoto's well written book The Power of Dreams is a very useful hands-on guide that's both easy to follow and quite easy to implement. From start to finish, he uses examples of other people's dreams and how they used them as examples rather than just telling the reader 'do this and do that' which might not mean to the reader what he was actually meaning in his writing. By using these examples, the reader sees how that technique, how that business, what that experience looked like in real life. The deceptively simple way this book is laid out makes it both a fast read but also an easy reference guide that the reader can go back to time and time again as they hone their skills to develop and create the type of dreams they're seeking. – Laurie Baker, Ashville, North Carolina

About the author

The author, Gary K. Yamamoto, has been helping people to understand and profit from their dreams for more than 40 years. He knows that dreams will always guide and support a person’s endeavors. He has used his dreams as an electrical engineer working in communications and nuclear weapons. His dreams have guided him to write many books, start two businesses, and become a full-time professional speaker. Yamamoto is also an ordained Catholic Priest in the Malabar Rites.

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