Proven Secrets to Becoming a
Million Dollar Speaker


Are you an aspiring speaker who wants to make it in the business of professional speaking? Or you may be a seasoned speaker who wants to increase his income. In order to excel in this lucrative business, you need to create a solid foundation to success in the BUSINESS of speaking.

Listen to Andrea in a teleseminar with marketing expert, David Newman, discussing the speaking business.

Talent is not enough! Learn the business from the inside... from the combined know-how of a speaker and a speakers bureau! Find out the proven secrets that you need in order to succeed as a professional speaker.


Have you ever seen professional speakers giving their presentations and thought, "I can do that!" Could you see yourself, sharing your knowledge and wisdom with huge audiences, finishing to a standing ovation? Did you wish you could be paid thousands of dollars for doing what you love to do? Have you ever wanted to travel to exotic and beautiful places, stay in great hotels, and be paid to do it?

The Glamorous World of Speaking

Welcome to the world of professional speaking. In this world, speakers are paid great sums of money to simply give a speech. It all sounds so easy. One day, you simply wake up and say, "I am a speaker!"

However, then you must then ask yourself,

"How do I create and build a professional speaking business?"

And, "Who knows about me and is willing to pay me to speak to an audience?"

In order to help you, we have created a great resource. It will answer all your questions on what it takes to be a professional speaker.

"If you think you're going to be successful just because you've got a 'good speech' - think again. Unless you master the business aspects of speaking, you've just got a hobby, not a career. Andrea and Gary cut your learning curve and give you a head start with 'The Business of Speaking.' Hey, the speaking business is just that - a business. The speech is only the beginning."
     Joe Calloway, CSP, CPAE
     Author: Becoming a Category of One

"This is the most detailed, up-to-date text book for beginning or seasoned professional speakers. Everything I’ve learned the hard way over 30+ years of being in the business is in one easy to use document. If only I would have had this when I started out!"
     Mike McKinley, CSP, CPAE
     2008 Cavett Winner and NSA Past President

From Inside the Business

You need to learn is the business side of the speaking profession. The authors, Andrea Gold and Gary Yamamoto, have owned and operated Gold Stars Speakers Bureau® since 1989. Since then, they have booked thousands of professional speakers for a cumulative total of tens of millions of dollars. They are members of both the National Speakers Association and the International Group of Agencies and Bureaus. They know the speaking business!

More than that, they know what decision makers and meeting planners are looking for. Andrea and her staff have listened to and responded to their needs for more than two decades. They know what decision makers and meeting planners are looking for in a speaker. They have heard the meeting planners desires, needs, fears, frustrations, complaints, anger, and praises. When they see the marketing material from speakers, they know whether it is going to sell or not.

Why Write This Book
Nearly every day, Andrea receives calls from people who want information on how to be a professional speaker. They want information such as:

"What do people speaking on my topic charge for a keynote?"

"What is the most popular topic so I can create a speech on that topic?"

"Can you help me to become a professional speaker so we can make a lot of money together?"

In the bureau business, time is very short. Andrea and Gary saw a tremendous need to help speakers who called with questions, but felt bad turning them away. They referred newer speakers to consultants, but speakers couldn't always afford the fee. Thus The Business of Successful Speaking, book was created for you. You will find answers to many questions, to help you launch your speaking career faster and on a solid foundation.

IF YOU HAVE NOW READ ENOUGH, you can start reading and applying this information for great returns, now! Buy now and take full advantage of the purchase of the hardcover versions of this moneymaking book!

"Many speakers have wonderful platform skills, fantastic content and absolutely no marketing savvy. This book can help great speakers become well-known speakers!

The Business of Speaking should be required reading for anyone entering the speaking business! Your fantastic message and wonderful delivery really don’t matter, if not one is listening. The Business of Speaking will help ensure that you have an audience!"
     Marshall Goldsmith
     Author: What Got You Here Won't Get You There

Talent is Not Enough!

In order to help you learn the business side of professional speaking, Andrea and Gary have written this book. Learn the combined know-how from a speaker and a speakers bureau! Find out the proven secrets in order to succeed as a professional speaker. By using this e-book, you will learn the ins and outs:

Every new speaker needs this book! It is crammed full of tips and secrets and it will give you a great ideas for growing your business. Just using one of certain suggestions in the book can multiply your earnings many times over!

By doing the business of speaking the smart way, you really can achieve that million dollar mark... and then some! So what's holding you up? Invest in yourself!

This book is written in a concise style that quickly gives you the information you need in order to get your professional speaking career started! Now—not tomorrow or a month or a year from now. Read below for a sampling of the secrets and knowledge that you can apply today for long-lasting success!


Chapter 1 – The Speaking Business
        Statistics on the Speaking Profession
        The Big Speaker Difference
        Why Would Someone Want to Listen to You?
        What a Meeting Planner Wants

Chapter 2 – What Makes You a Professional Speaker?
        Being a Good Speaker is Not Enough!
        Subject Matter Experts
        Who Are You?
        Know Your Value
        Outstanding or Standing Out
        Accepting Success

IF YOU HAVE NOW READ ENOUGH, you can start reading and applying this information for great returns, now! Buy now and take full advantage of the purchase of the hardcover and paperback versions of this moneymaking book!

"This is the most comprehensive flight plan for the business of speaking I have ever seen, written by two experienced and successful industry experts. A must read for speakers plotting their career."
     Howard Putnam
     Former CEO Southwest Airlines
     Author: The Winds of Turbulence

Chapter 3 – The Business of Speaking
        Starting a Business
        Know Every Job
        Becoming a Professional Speaker
        Some Additional Thoughts
        Business Plan
        Marketing Plan
        Hiring People
        Managing People
        Making Money
        Speakers Bureaus
        Customizing and Training
        Creating a New Speech for a Booking
        The Presentation


Running your business as a business requires you to create plans to help you succeed. Most beginning speakers have neither a business plan nor a marketing plan. They are flying by the seat of their pants and, kindly put, eventually end up falling on that part of their pants. Additionally, this book is filled with ideas and insights that will help you to avoid so many of the pitfalls that have plagued speakers.

"Andrea and Gary truly understand that success as a professional speaker has less to do with your ability to give a great speech. They have outlined the path to help you focus your business, intensify your selling efforts and to run your speaking business as a business. I wish this book had been available when I began my professional speaking career in 1982! It would have saved me thousands of dollars and years of trial and error."
     Jim Pancero, CSP, CPAE
     Professional speaker, consultant & trainer for over 27 years.

Chapter 4 – How the Economy Affects the Speaking Business
Virtual Meetings
        In a Down Economy
        Rainy Day Funds
        Multiple Streams of Income
        Cyclical Business

Who should purchase this book

IF YOU ARE AN AUTHOR AND WANT TO GET PAID TO SELL YOUR BOOKS, this is your solution. You can start now on a system to maximize your books and reach the audience you wrote your book to reach. Buy now and take full advantage of the purchase of the hardcover and e-book versions of this system to sell your books!


You need smart positioning and marketing strategies. You will find a wealth of business wisdom to help you to truly compete in this market.

Chapter 5 – The Speaker’s Office
Legal Issues
        Office Space
        Computer and Software
        Other Equipment


Why should you even be concerned about the different types of speakers in the world? Because you will be competing with them for speaking engagements. You need to know what your competitors do and how to best compete against them.

Chapter 6 – Types of Speakers
        Free Speaker
        Industry Expert
        Professional Speaker or Trainer
        What Type of Speaker Are You?


Perhaps you are just thinking that you only want to give keynotes. Speakers can meet a lot of different presentation needs. If you only offer one presentation, you may be missing out on many additional bookings. Are you leaving money on the table?

Chapter 7 – Types of Presentations
        Breakout Sessions
        Training Session
        Meet and Greet
        What Types of Presentations Can You Give?

Chapter 8 – Accessories and Props
        More Information

"I have said this for years: The job is not doing the speech, it is getting the speech. Andrea Gold teaches you how to get the speech, as well as how to run your speaking business. Throughout this book she reveals secret after secret on how to get into the business and be successful as a professional speaker. Where was this book when I was first getting started?"
     Shep Hyken, CSP, CPAE
     Author: The Cult of the Customer

YOU ARE AN ENTREPRENEUR AND ARE LOOKING FOR A NEW CAREER? This is the source of knowledge that will give you everything you need to start. Buy now and take full advantage of the purchase of the hardcover and e-book versions of this moneymaking book!


This is one area that concerns not only beginning speakers, but also experienced speakers. What should you charge for a keynote presentation? What about a breakout session? Should you discount for more than one speaking engagement and how much should that be? What about international engagements? What should you charge if they want to tape your presentations? Should you charge if they want to have multiple, remote broadcasts of your presentation? When should you raise your fees and by how much?

Chapter 9 – Pricing Your Presentation
What Do Speakers Charge?
        Setting Your Fee
        General Discussion
        Length of Presentation
        Type of Presentation
        Location of Presentation
        Wild Card
        Negotiating Your Fees
        Range of Speaker Fees

"On a scale of 0-10 the e-book, The Business of Speaking, is an 11. Whether you are a new speaker or a veteran this book is guaranteed to provide you with the tools to take your career to the next level. It's a "must have" book for your library and contains everything you wanted to know about the speaking profession but were afraid to ask."
     Barry Wishner
     Professional Speaker and Author

"While addressed to the newer speaker, even seasoned "pros" will find nuggets of "Gold" (and a touch of Yamamoto) in this timely and important book. Combining the talents and experiences of this bureau-speaker partnership, you will learn much from their proven expertise in the "business of speaking." So, whether you're just starting out or have been around for a bit, you will find this book a valuable and exciting learning tool as you begin or continue your journey."
     Edward E. Scannell, CMP, CSP
     Past National. President, National Speakers Assn.

Chapter 10 – Practice and Free Speeches
        Evaluating Your Speech
        Free Speeches to Test New Material
        Professional Evaluation


What is it that a meeting planner is looking for in a speaker? Over the years, we have listened to meeting planners and decision makers who told us what they liked and disliked in the speakers they reviewed. We have gathered this information and placed it in this chapter. You will find out what you should put in your promotional material and what you should leave out.

Chapter 11 – What a Meeting Planner Expects From a Speaker
        Tailoring Your Presentation
        Providing Quality Promotional Materials
        Researching Your Client
        Audiovisual Requirements
        Great Presentation
        After the Presentation

"Gold and Yamamoto have poured years of experience onto these pages. This book provides the fundamentals for newbies in the industry and several key secrets for seasoned speakers. Times change; demands change; etiquette changes. This book prevents a mistake that can cost a career, and puts you on the path to quick success. It's easily worth ten times the price!"
     Dianna Booher, MA, CSP, CPAE,
Author: The Voice of Authority and more than 40 other books

IF YOU HAVE NOW READ ENOUGH, you can start reading and applying this information for great returns, now! Buy now and take full advantage of the purchase of the hardcover and paperback versions of this moneymaking book!


This is a must-read if you want to work with speakers bureaus. You will discover how they work and what to expect from them. At the same time, you will find out what they expect from you.

Chapter 12 – Working with Speakers Bureaus
        Approaching the Bureau
        Checking Out a Speakers Bureau
        Marketing Material
        Bureau Expectations
        Your Demo Video
        Your Business Operation
        Be Consistent
        Be Bureau Friendly
        Repeat and Spinoff Business
        Be Easy to Work With
        Be Efficient
        Holds and Releases
        Travel Schedules
        Meeting Demands
        Educate Your Staff
        After Your Presentation
        When You Receive Leads
        Payment from a Speakers Bureau
        End Run Clients
        Updating Your Website
        One Final Thing

"Andrea Gold is one of the “good guys” in the bureau business. I have always valued and appreciated her council. She and Gary have captured the essence of what it takes to be successful in their new book. For the emerging professional speaker, this will be an effective roadmap for success. For the experienced professional speaker, this book will be a much needed tune up. Wherever you are in your speaking career, you need this book, NOW!"
     Ed Rigsbee, CSP

Chapter 13 – How Speakers Bureaus Rate Speakers
        Demo Video
        Most Requested Topics
        Presentation Titles

Chapter 14 – Sales and Marketing: Prospects and Clients
        Your Overall Strategy
        Finding Free Speaking Prospects
        Evaluating Your Free Speech
        Finding Prospects
        Contacting Meeting Planners
        Sending a Package
        Send Your Book
        Your Business Card
        Social Networking
        Past Client Referrals
        Your Website
        Speaker Referrals

"Let's get to the point. If you want to become a successful speaker then you have to read this e-book. It's simple, It's informative and it's invaluable. I wish it was available when I got started."
     Steve Rizzo, CPAE


When you are ready to work with a speakers bureau, this chapter will tell you how to approach them. Do it right and it will be smooth sailing. Do it wrong and you may be written off by some bureaus.

Chapter 15 – Marketing to Speakers Bureaus
        What to Expect From a Speakers Bureau
        When to Call and When Not to Call – Your Friendly Speakers Bureau
        What Happens at a Speakers Bureau
        How to Get Recommended to a Bureau
        Getting Noticed By a Speakers Bureau
        Evaluation by a Speakers Bureau

"Andrea and Gary are two of the best in the business and for them to share all of this information in one book is amazing! This book will help you to Grow and Go to the next level! I highly recommend this book!"
     Willie Jolley, MA, CSP, CPAE
     Author: A Setback Is A Setup For A Comeback

BEFORE APPROACHING SPEAKERS BUREAUS, you need to know what to do and what not to do. We will answer your questions on the best ways to approach a bureau and some of the worst ways. Buy now and take full advantage of the purchase of the hardcover and paperback versions of this moneymaking book


You will learn how to create the marketing material that will appeal to both speakers bureaus and other prospects. There are so many different marketing avenues you can take. Learn what is possible and how you can use them to your advantage

Chapter 16 – Creating Effective Marketing Material
        Creating Your Website
        Demo Video
        One Sheet
        Testimonials and References
        Newsletter and/or e-Newsletter
        RSS Feed
        Video Demos
        White Papers and Articles
        Writing Marketing Copy
        Business Cards
        Cards for All Occasions
        Checklist for this Chapter

"Andrea Gold’s new book is insightful, impactful, and invaluable to anyone who is serious about the speaking business. The profession has needed a good book on the ‘business of speaking’, and this is it! Read it and you will get a powerful overview of what this business is all about and how to prosper in it."
     Don Hutson, CSP, CPAE
     Author: The One Minute Entrepreneur

Chapter 17 – Important Factors to Consider When Accepting a Booking
Date and Time of Presentation
        Length of Presentation
        Topics and Titles of Presentation
        Speaker’s Program Slot
        Your Fee and Travel Budget

Chapter 18 – Travel Arrangements
        Booking Flights
        Arrive the Day Before

Chapter 19 – Payments and Travel Expenses
        Billing Your Client
        Speakers Bureaus and Payments
        Another Way to Bill for Expenses
        Billing for Alcoholic Drinks

"A freaking bargain!!!! New speakers will pay $99.00 for it without a problem. And they should invest a hundred bucks to learn what they DON'T know."
     Ross Shafer
     Author: Nobody Moved Your Cheese


When you are booked, you should write your own contract. We will tell you why you need to do this and why you should not use the client's contract, if at all possible. We also discuss all the necessary elements in a contract that we have learned during our 20 years in the business.

Chapter 20 – Your Booking Contract
        Elements of an Agreement
        Travel Expenses
        Recording Rights
        Negotiation Recording Rights

IT IS IMPORTANT TO KNOW WHAT FACTORS TO CONSIDER WHEN ACCEPTING A BOOKING AND TO BE SURE YOUR CONTRACT PROTECTS YOU. To learn all this and more, we have the answers. Buy now and take full advantage of the purchase of the hardcover and paperback versions of this moneymaking book!


This is another source of income. As a speaker, you have a wonderful resource to create a number of products from your speech. This can be a lucrative income source. As a speaker, you have an immediate source of customers, the audience when you speak.

Chapter 21 – Creating Products
        Repurposing Your Speech
        Your Book
        The Expanding World of Publishing
        Marketing with Your Book
        Special Reports
        Collecting Email Addresses


Chapter 22 – Check Lists
        Packing List
        Travel Expenses


What have some of the best speakers on the planet found during their years of speaking. We have gathered their best ideas and given them to you. You will find some great gems, new ideas that may further your speaking career.

Chapter 23 – Best Practices of Professional Speakers
        Best Practices from Some of the Best Speakers in the Business

"You will shorten your learning curve and increase your earning curve by reading and applying this book's messages. Andrea Gold and Gary Yamamoto have written a vital guide for anyone who is building a practice as a speaker. I know how valuable this book can be for you because as the co-creator of The Professional Speaking Institute I have spent hundreds of hours isolating the steps and skills necessary for success as a professional speaker. All of those business skills are covered in this book. Use it as your handbook. Keep it filled with tabs and highlights to recall the best ideas and tips. Use the forms and checklists, don't just read it, devour it."
     Jim Cathcart, CSP, CPAE
     Author: Relationship Selling and 13 other books.

THIS BOOK CONTAINS THE BEST PRACTICES FROM THE TOP PROFESSIONAL SPEAKERS IN THE WORLD. What they shared is PRICELESS! Buy now and take full advantage of the purchase of the hardcover and paperback versions of this moneymaking book!


Here we pull it all together. We show you how the elements (from marketing to booking to speaking), discussed in the previous chapters, should be used to create your speaking business. We create a day in your life, showing you what a speaker does.

Chapter 24 – The Speaker’s Life
        Getting Bookings
        The Agreement
        Preparing Your Presentation
        On the Road
        At Your Presentation
        After Your Presentation
        Once in a Great While, the Speaker Sucks
        Final Thoughts

Chapter 25 – Summary
        Demo Video
        Delegate to Others
        Balance Your Life

"Andrea and Gary have hit a home run. This information is must read for any speaker. For emerging speakers, here is a step-by-step guide to jump start a successful speaking business. And for the experienced speaking professional, this is an excellent reminder on how to move to the next level. You can’t move forward if you don’t invest in yourself!"
     Marsha Petrie Sue, CSP, MBA
     Speaker, Author, Executive Coach

"Just got done reading your book. It was excellent."
     Nate Booth, DDS
     Speaker, Author, and Success Detective

"I love this book, thank you so much. So many things I never even thought about. Wow, I love it. Could not put it down, every paragraph is 'wow'. I usually sleep by 10 pm. Last night I kept reading it until midnight, still I was not sleepy but I had to sleep by the clock."
     Nina Dhillon
     Motivational Speaker for Women


Supplement A – National Speakers Association and Chapters
Do yourself a favor. If you really want to accelerate your career by associating with professional speakers, join the National Speakers Association.

Supplement B – Marketing Checklist
Put into action some of these.

Supplement C – Sample Contract
Copy this as a guideline as you develop your own.

Supplement D – Questionnaire
Gather important information using this questionnaire.

"If only I could go back and undo some of the mistakes… many of them expensive mistakes… I made early in my speaking career! Andrea Gold’s e-book The Business of Speaking would have saved me thousands of dollars, hours of frustration and years of making less money than I should have made.
"Each time I get a booking from Andrea’s bureau, I still learn more from her. If you want to jump-start your career, Andrea’s information and ideas will help you make it happen."
     Larry Mersereau, CTC
     Author: Stand Out and 3 other books on sales and marketing


TO KNOW HOW TO CREATE A CONTRACT AND DEVELOP A USEFUL QUESTIONNAIRE ARE ALSO PRICELESS! It also shows you how to avoid leaving any money on the table and prevent being taken advantage of. Buy now and take full advantage of the purchase of the hardcover and paperback versions of this moneymaking book!

Supplement E – Customizer - Speech
Use this detailed questionnaire to customize your presentations.

Supplement F – Customizer - Training
Plus, use this detailed questionnaire to customize your training programs.

Supplement G – Packing List
Have you ever gone to give a speech and realized that you forgot to bring something? Adapt this to your needs.

Supplement H – Travel Expense
Keep your travel expenses organized by using this chart.

Supplement I – Speaker Evaluation
Do you follow up with an evaluation of your presentation? Gather testimonials and speaking leads.

Supplement J – Proposal – Get Along – Conflict
Refer to this sample proposal as a guideline to help communicate your value, sell additional useful programs, and to pinpoint the needs of your clients.

"Wow! I will champion this book to anyone and everyone I meet who wants to be a speaker or trainer! This is the definitive A to Z guide to everything a new speaker (and veteran for that matter) needs to know to build and sustain a successful speaking career. My only complaint is that it's way too cheap!"
     Ross Shafer
     Author: Nobody Moved Your Cheese

"To the beginning speaker this will be like drinking from a fire hose… skip the first million, go straight for the second!"
     T. Scott Gross, CSP, IFR, EMT, PDQ
     Author: Microbranding, and Why Service Stinks

Are you on track to move your speaking career into gear? The Business of Successful Speaking gives you a solid foundation for building your profitable and rewarding speaking business. Order it and make your speaking dream a reality now!

Click here to see a sample of The Business of Successful Speaking.

P.S. A must have for every aspiring or newer speaker! Open your eyes to the fantastic opportunities and possibilities!

Do not let another day pass and lose your dream of becoming a successful, future, million-dollar, professional speaker.



When you purchase The Business of Successful Speaking, you will have a tremendous amount of information to work with. When you finish reading the book, it may be difficult to decide where to begin. There are so many different areas you can work with to improve your speaking career. To help speakers to systematically improve their business, we have a workbook that will help you to systematically work on specific areas of your business and obtain the results you desire. To get the best and quickest results, we recommend you get both book and workbook which is available at an even larger discount.


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