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Boynton, Andrew
Andy Boynton is Dean of Boston College’s Carroll School of Management, one of the world’s leading graduate business school programs. In addition to o ...
Topics: Business, Performance, Leadership, Agriculture, Education, Team Building, Creativity, Management, Strategic Planning, Entrepreneur, Motivation Range: $15,000 or more State: MA
Brogan, Chris
Chris Brogan is Publisher and CEO of Owner Magazine, a business magazine helping you improve your worth by growing your capabilities and connections. ...
Topics: Business, Communication, Corporate Culture, E-commerce, Entrepreneur, Global Business, Marketing, Media, Networking, Strategic Planning, Technology, Social Media/Networking Range: $15,000 or more State: MA
Colvin, Geoffrey
Geoff Colvin is an award-winning thinker, author, broadcaster, and speaker on the significant trends in business. As FORTUNE’s Senior Editor-at-Large ...
Topics: Business, Celebrity, Corporate Culture, Environment, Ethics, Financial, Future, Global Business, Health, Leadership, Management, Media, Performance, Politics/patriotism Range: Please call us. State: MA/NY
Kurzweil , Ray
Raymond Kurzweil, Director of Engineering at Google, is one of the leading futurists and inventors of our time. He is the New York Times best- sellin ...
Topics: Technology, Creativity, Entrepreneur, Future, Range: Please call us. State: CA/MA
Landauer, Adele
Adele Landauer is an international expert on success, achievement and self-leadership. She is a popular keynote speaker, author and extremely effecti ...
Topics: Motivation, Women, Attitude, Balance, Self-improvement, Success, Presentations, Psychology Range: $15,000 or more State: NYC/Germany
Mansharamani, Vikram
Vikram Mansharamani first gained widespread attention with his book "Boombustology: Spotting Financial Bubbles Before They Burst." Since then he’s g ...
Topics: Business, Financial, Future, Education, Health, Risk, Global business, Environment Range: $15,000 or more State: MA
Robbins, Mel
Mel Robbins is the host of the new daytime syndicated talk show The Mel Robbins Show, which airs nationwide September, 2019.

She ha ...
Topics: Performance, Adversity/Challenge, Social Media/Networking, Attitude, Business, Change, Communication, Leadership, Motivation, Sales, Success, Technology, Women Range: Please call us. State: MA

Scott, David Meerman
Those who embrace new ways will be far more successful than those who stay stuck and afraid to change. No one knows more about using the new Real-Tim ...
Topics: Social Media/Networking, Marketing, Advertising/PR, Business, Leadership, Entrepreneur, Technology, Branding, Communication, E-commerce, Sales, Global Business, Customer Service Range: $15,000 or more State: MA
Shapiro, Stephen
Stephen Shapiro cultivates innovation by showing leaders and their teams how to approach, tackle and solve their business challenges. Applying the kn ...
Topics: Creativity, Goal-setting, Performance, Motivation, Team Building, Innovation Range: $15,000 or more State: MA
Shipman, William
William G. Shipman is chairman of a Massachusetts-based consulting firm specializing in retirement finance. An advocate of Social Security reform in ...
Topics: Financial, Politics/Patriotism Range: $15,000 or more State: MA
Siciliano, Robert
Robert Siciliano, the #1 Best Selling author and CEO of Safr.Me, may get your attention with his fun engaging tone and approachable person ...
Topics: Safety, Business, Technology, E-commerce, Police Range: $10,000 - $14,999 State: MA
Sievewright, Mark
With more than 30 years of financial services experience, Mark is a highly respected industry thoughtleader and a renowned public speaker. He is the ...
Topics: Business, Financial, Future Range: $15,000 or more State: MA
Stacy, Michelle
Michelle is a senior leader with the consistent ability to run and scale businesses. She is committed to creating world class cultures by developing ...
Topics: Women, Business, Marketing, Management, Leadership, Innovation, Success, Team Building, Strategic Planning, Human resource, Coaching Range: $15,000 or more State: FL/MA
Stetson, Jon
Jon Stetson's, mind, mirth and magic has made him a Most Valuable Player at thousands of corporate events. Stetson is a third-generation entertainer ...
Topics: Magic, Humor, Entertainment, Emcee Range: $5,000 - $7,499 State: MA
Taylor, Bill
Bill Taylor has encouraged a generation of executives and company-builders to think differently about change, leadership, and the new world of work. A ...
Topics: Celebrity, Success, Team Building, Leadership, Future, Media, Business, Marketing, Creativity, Corporate Culture Range: $15,000 or more State: MA
Treacy, Michael
Michael Treacy is the President and founder of Treacy & Company. He brings over 30 years of experience helping companies achieve market leadership. M ...
Topics: Marketing, Strategic Planning, Creativity, Leadership, Sales, Celebrity, Business, Change, E-commerce, Entrepreneur, Global Business, Innovation, Marketing, Team Building Range: Please call us. State: MA
Tynan, Ronan
Irish Tenor Dr. Ronan Tynan is a modern day renaissance man. Raised on a dairy farm in Kilkenny, Ireland, his personal story of triumph and his impas ...
Topics: Music, Motivation, ADA (disability), Celebrity, Medical, Health, Sports, Entertainment, Adversity/Challenge, Empowerment, Success, Risk, Self-improvement, Leadership, Performance, Team Building Range: $15,000 or more State: MA
Voices, Joey
Frank Sinatra, Tom Jones, Cher, Robert DeNiro, Joe Pesci, Neil Diamond, Stevie Wonder, Joe Cocker, Dave Matthews, Al Pacino, Elvis, Rod Stewart, Mich ...
Topics: Impersonator, Entertainment, Music, Humor Range: $5,000 - $7,499 State: MA
Watkins, Michael
Dr. Michael D. Watkins is the Chairman of Genesis Advisers. Drawing on the perfect combination of research and hand-on experience, he has spent the l ...
Topics: Leadership, Change, Business, Management, Success, Executive Development, Corporate Culture, Strategic Planning, Organizational Development, Relationships Range: Please call us. State: MA
Weinberger, David
David Weinberger's status as our foremost (and funniest!) interpreter of technology's impact on business and society continues to grow. His book, "Ev ...
Topics: Marketing, Future, E-commerce, Technology Range: $15,000 or more State: MA
Zander, Benjamin
Benjamin Zander is the conductor of The Boston Philharmonic Orchestra and a guest conductor around the world. With London's famed Philharmonia Orches ...
Topics: Leadership, Creativity, Relationships, Team Building, Music, Celebrity Range: Please call us. State: MA
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