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Arno, Bob
Time magazine called Bob Arno “the world’s foremost expert on the techniques of first-rank ‘wires,’” the slang term for pickpockets. Years of researc ...
Topics: Entertainment, Safety Range: $7,500 - $9,999 State: AZ
Bailey, Kevin
While working in October of 1986, Kevin Bailey became entangled in a rotating shaft. The results: traumatic amputation of his right leg and a serie ...
Topics: ADA, Safety, Motivation, Change Range: $5,000 - $7,499 State: OH
Coffey, Kevin
Detective Kevin Coffey is the founder of Corporate Travel Safety, which specializes in travel safety seminars, training tapes and travel safety produ ...
Topics: Safety, Women, Police, Spouse programs Range: $5,000 - $7,499 State: CA
Hanson, Jason
    Jason Hanson is a former CIA officer, security expert, NRA Certified instructor and a contributor to Combat Handguns and Personal and Home Defense ...
Topics: Accountability, Attitude, Safety, Self-improvement, Risk Range: $7,500 - $9,999 State: UT
Hayashi, Mike
Mike Hayashi offers a unique topic and angle to approach security and productivity. Attendees walk away with real how-to information. Mike Hayashi ha ...
Topics: Communication, Motivation, Performance, Self-image/esteem, Safety, Spouse programs. Minority Range: $5,000 - $7,499 State: AZ
Kleiman, Mel
Mel Kleiman’s expertise is based on his experience as the former owner of three different businesses (including the largest group of Hertz Rent-A-Car ...
Topics: Employee Retention, Humor, Human Resource, Generations, Business, Management, Safety Range: $10,000 - $14,999 State: TX
McKinley, Michael "Mike"
Mike has the experience and expertise that people in business need to succeed from his history as a teenage entrepreneur which led to leadership posi ...
Topics: Change, Customer Service, Leadership, Balance, Motivation, Humor, Safety Range: $5,000 - $7,499 State: MN/FL
McTaggart, Lynne
Lynne McTaggart is the award-winning author of five books, including "The Intention Experiment" and "The Field," which are published in languages all ...
Topics: Women, Celebrity, Spirituality-wkpl, Health, Safety, Media Range: Please call us. State: UK/NY
Siciliano, Robert
Robert Siciliano, the #1 Best Selling author and CEO of Safr.Me, may get your attention with his fun engaging tone and approachable person ...
Topics: Safety, Business, Technology, E-commerce, Police Range: $10,000 - $14,999 State: MA
Sileo, John
John Sileo left hi-tech consulting for two reasons: to start a family and to launch a software startup in the earliest stages of cloud computing. Six ...
Topics: Police, Risk, Law, Safety Range: $15,000 or more State: CO
Tarlow, Peter
Dr. Peter E. Tarlow, Ph.D, Founder and President of Tourism & More, is a world-renowned speaker and expert specializing in such areas as: the impact ...
Topics: Safety, Risk, Business Range: $5,000 - $7,499 State: TX
Templer, Paul
After growing up in war-torn Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), Paul served in the British Army and traveled around the world. He lived an exotic life filled w ...
Topics: Adventure, Motivation, Change, Attitude, Spouse Programs, Safety Range: $10,000 - $14,999 State: MI
Torrillo, Joe
Joe Torrillo was a 25-year Lieutenant with the NYC Fire Dept., who is now retired on disability. He spent the first 15 years of his career in Engine C ...
Topics: Adversity/Challenge, Motivation, Risk, Safety, Politics/patriotism, Celebrity Range: $10,000 - $14,999 State: NY
Wilkinson, Bruce
Bruce S. Wilkinson, CSP, is a leadership/communication/culture implementation specialist, professional motivational keynote speaker, trainer and cons ...
Topics: Leadership, Branding, Business, Change, Communication, Customer Service, Leadership, Generations, Management, Motivation, Safety Range: $7,500 - $9,999 State: LA
Wynn, Garrison
With talents that established him as a Fortune 500 leader and professional stand-up comedian, Garrison Wynn, CSP, fuses comic timing and research to ...
Topics: Sales, Leadership, Customer Service, Communication, Success, Change, Safety, Motivation, Humor Range: $10,000 - $14,999 State: TX
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