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In an increasingly connected, complex, bottom-up world the key trait to strengthen is your capacity to collaborate, especially with people extremely unlike you. Discover exactly how from an Emmy-winning former NBC and Wall Street Journal reporter who's spent the past decade translating behavior research into ways to seize opportunities and solve problems with the right kind of collaboration. Her clients are as diverse as google, Nomura Americas and Legos. In Kare Anderson's cutting edge, interactive sessions, attendees practice ways to stay relevant and by becoming higher-performing and happier - with others.

Kare is the “Quotable and Connective” columnist for Forbes and Huffington Post. She was the Issues Teams Formation Director on Obama's campaign staff. She’s spoken and consulted in 32 countries and is the author of “Moving From Me to We”, "Getting What You Want," "Beauty Inside Out," "Resolving Conflict Sooner" and "Walk Your Talk." She’s the co-founder of the Say it Better Center LLC and publisher of "Say it Better" and "Moving From Me to We," with over 42,000 subscribers in 26 countries.

She's a trailblazer in media, business, and politics and a former journalist for the Wall Street Journal, Le Monde and Reuters. Kare was Pacific Telesis' first Wideband and Cable Division Director, co-founder of a national public affairs and advertising firm, a state senator's chief of staff, co-founder of nine political action committees and appointed commissioner. Kare is a frequent strategic communication coach to leaders in business and government.

Kare has a joint MA in Urban Planning from Occidental College and the University of Southern California and a Certificate in Economics for Practicing Journalists from the London School of Economics, and she was a Fellow with the Coro Foundation in Public Affairs.

As David Rockefeller Jr. said after hearing Kare Anderson speak, "She will forever change how you see yourself and your world."

Hone your connective behavior to stay sought-after in our increasingly complex yet connected world. Discover fresh ways to become more diversely connected and widely quoted from Emmy-winning former NBC and Wall Street Journal reporter, Kare Anderson who’s now a columnist for Forbes and Huffington Post.

Kare Anderson is a TEDx speaker on mutuality, an author of Moving From Me to We, Getting What You Want, Resolving Conflict Sooner and Walk Your Talk. She’s quoted in 32 books. Anderson’s clients are as diverse as Salesforce, Novartis and Nomura Americas. She’s on the advisory board of Gloopt, Raynforest, and TEDxMarin.

  • Become the Unforgettable Face of Your Organization
  • Hidden Behavioral Cues That Boost or Bust Credibility
  • Turn Employees Into Articulate, Helpful Ambassadors of Your Organization’s Brand
  • Create the On-Site Experience That Builds Bragging Rights
  • Boost Profits and Bragging Rights by Storyboarding the Sequence of Scenes Your Customers Experience
  • Exhibitors: Move More Prospects Closer to Buying
  • Beyond Charisma: Becoming An Unforgettable Face in a Highly Competitive World
  • Attract More Customers By Forging Smart Partnerships
  • SmartPartnering: Become a One-of-a-Kind Hospitality Business
  • Become an Opportunity-Maker by Being More Quotable and Collaborative (popular)

Communication, Relationships, Team Building, Branding, Leadership, Customer Service, Negotiation, Sales
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