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If you're looking for that one-of-a-kind corporate entertainment act which will leave your audience captivated, then The Evasons are the perfect fit. They have the kind of universal appeal that'll draw everyone in for an extraordinary encounter filled with suspense, wonderment and laughter.

Jeff & Tessa Evason demonstrate great insights into the mind, all conveyed in an exciting, engaging, and incredibly fun manner. Minds get read and predictions come true. In a mind-over-body demonstration someone from the audience levitates - no strings attached. Amazing feats of mental gymnastics and rapid calculations make you wonder about limitations of your own mind.

Imagine yourself thinking of your birthdate and Tessa knows it. You think of a friend's mobile number and Tessa knows that too. She knows who gave you the jewelry you're wearing. She can tell you the name of your childhood pet or the first person you ever kissed! You'll be captivated by spot-on powers of perception. There's just something different about seeing the phenomena take place right before your eyes, as opposed to watching it on TV.

There has to be a trick. They must use some form of technology. Right? Well Tessa and Jeff don't ask you to believe, but there are no hidden earphones, microphones or cameras and nothing is rehearsed with audience members before the show. In fact, The Evasons offer $100,000 to anybody who can prove otherwise! Even the skeptics have been left speechless.

After seeing their show in England, a reviewer from the Shields Gazette wrote: "Jeff and Tessa Evason left everyone completely gobsmacked. The couple were nothing short of amazing and it's hard to wrap your head around the things they did. The entire audience was left scratching their heads."

The Evasons have been honored with some of the top awards in their field. You may have seen them on major TV networks like NBC, FOX, Discovery Channel and CBS. They've traveled to over 35 countries to perform for attendees at corporate meetings and galas, entertain troops overseas and headline on cruise ships and casino showrooms. They've even been invited to appear at parties for political leaders and royal families!

Event planners love working with The Evasons. Their easily produced, hassle-free show is audience interactive, funny, amazing and 100% clean and safe! And the show is highly adaptable. Jeff and Tessa can easily integrate ideas and concepts based on teamwork, synergy, multi-tasking, time management, intuition, decision making, memory, focus, diversity and communication.

Whether performing for an intimate gathering or a crowd of hundreds, The Evasons will leave your guests feeling as though they've been part of something very special. Never predictable, the show will engage even the most seasoned corporate clients who have literally seen it all. The Evasons understand that an event is about making memories. It's more than a show - it's the complete experience!

  • Marvels of the Mind (entertainment show)

Entertainment, Magic, Humor, Minority
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