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Sam Geist’s business experience took root in a small sporting goods store in Toronto, Canada. With his first hand knowledge that at start-up, business operation is 90% hard work, 10% know-how, he gradually grew The Outdoor Stores into a 15-store national sporting goods chain. That experience was invaluable in clarifying his understanding of sales and marketing, the marketplace and its customers. In 1980, he sold his multi-million dollar organization to his largest competitor.

That same year, capitalizing on his retail experience, Sam opened his own advertising, marketing and consulting firm. His 14 years of agency experience taught him well about the rigors of marketplace demands—and unpredictability. He honed his branding and positioning skills, while he developed a valuable double-edge perspective—that of client and marketer.

It is this perspective that he took to the podium… for over 20 years, he has worked as a professional speaker, consultant, and facilitator to organizations across the globe. He is the author of "Why Should Someone Do Business With You… Rather Than Someone Else? Would You Work for You and Execute… or Be Executed."

He has addressed audiences in many industries including: automotive, finance, insurance, chambers of commerce, boards of trade, manufacturing, government, service, retail, and franchising.

His most requested programs include: “Why Should Someone Do Business With You…Rather Than Someone Else?” (strategies to get and keep customers); “Execute…or Be Executed” (moving strategic thinking to strategic doing); “Look Out! Here Comes Tomorrow” (managing change actively); “Would You Work For You?” (maximizing leadership ability); “If I Hear Customer Service One More Time, I’ll . . . ”(customer service); and “Differentiate . . . or Die” (marketing to maximize competitive advantages).

As a facilitator during hands-on, interactive discussions and brainstorming workshops, Sam uses the Socratic method to encourage participants to question themselves, to think about their business in new ways in order to change, improve, and grow. He insists that asking tough questions—and answering them honestly—is crucial to the well being of every organization. He shows participants how to capitalize on their resources, and how to turn their knowledge into action.

Sam Geist also writes “Quick Bites” a complimentary daily business lives.

  • Frontline = Bottomline - Strategies to Manage Talent
  • Why Should Someone Do Business With You...Rather Than Someone Else? Tactics to get and keep customers
  • Compete for Today. Build for Tomorrow
  • Execute...or Be Executed
  • Would You Work For You? Strategies to better your leadership skills
  • If I Hear Customer Service One More Time, I'll...
  • Differentiate...Or Die! Strategies to use differentiation as a competitive advantage

Leadership, Customer Service, Marketing, Change, Business
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