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Sam Glenn is a author, motivational speaker and 2010 Telly Award Winner for Most Outstanding Motivational Training Program. For Sam Glenn, the topic of attitude has become his passion ever since he knocked Zig Ziglar over at a buffet. I didnít know who he was, but his advice to me served me well: ďIf you donít like the output in your life, then you need to change the input.Ē I was struggling to survive and had an attitude that made people want to run the other way, so I listened up.

When I made a choice to change my attitude, I began to read quote books and listen to inspirational speakers to reshape my outlook. However, I had been sleeping on the floor for close to two years. I needed more. While my attitude was improving, I needed to put it into action through developing a purpose.

I began to volunteer at a youth program, and found purpose in encouraging others. Being shy by nature meant that getting up to speak was a tough obstacle (still is some days!). I persevered, however, and it paid off. Today, I speak for a living and get to help a lot of people.

I want others to hear my story and know that whatever they are going through, they can make it. Itís never too late to start over, pursue a dream, turn things around, and become the best version of yourself.

My book, "A Kick in the Attitude", is really a story of my journey, filled with emotion and stories. You are gonna feel like you are in a time machine, Ďcause I mentally take you to the moment when I was struggling, and show you how I used my attitude to change circumstances. This book is energizing. Often, we get tired, frustrated, burned out and feel a sense of hopelessness. "A Kick in the Attitude" is a jolt to wake you up, and get you refocused and headed in a better direction. Even if you are a positive person, it still juices you in the right way. Itís refreshing.

Attitude is such a personal subject to most, but my hope is that people feel encouraged by my story. Attitude is a choice, and some days the hardest choice we can make. I often ask people, "how valuable is your attitude to you?" "If you were to buy your attitude, how much would you pay?" This gets people thinking about the value of something they already own. I love taking a garage-sale attitude and transforming it to something priceless. Thatís makes it all worth it for me. And itís something you can do.

Today, I no longer sleep on the floor, unless I fall off the bed. But, I am more alive, happier, healthier and successful in the sense that I am doing what I love. Is this possible for anyone? I believe it is.

The simple key is knowing your success, your organizationís success starts with attitude. My goal when working with any organization for the purpose of giving a keynote speech or training and development is to first recharge attitudes for positive action.

  • The Gift of Attitude
  • A "Positive" Kick in the Attitude! (Attitude Re-charge)
  • Keep Moving Forward (Change & Adversity)
  • Lead to Engage
  • Inspirational Chalk Art Performance with Inspirational Message (Peaks and Valleys or The Lighthouse)
  • Leadership Starts with Attitude

Attitude, Success, Customer Service, Motivation, Leadership, Balance, Youth
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