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Over the past 29 years, David Goldsmith, author of the book "Paid to THINK" and president of the Goldsmith Organization, has captivated audiences with his hard-hitting, innovative, comprehensive and consultative approach to presenting. It’s not uncommon for David’s research to be so extensive that the CEO of a $14B company remarked, “You understand our business as much as our executive management team.” The pre-presentation research translates into fresh, relevant on-stage content that is anything but the same old presentation you’d hear from one venue to the other.

David delivers new models, tools, and insights that are innovative, meaty, and transformative which generates new paradigms for listeners. David is direct in his approach and is known for a consultative presentation style that provides solutions universally to decision makers worldwide. As a result, audience members are empowered to take action and effect change immediately after sitting in on his programs.

David began his career as an entrepreneur in over nine different industries during which time he received numerous awards and media attention for his accomplishments. In 1999, he sold one of his companies to a 400-franchise operation and transitioned to his passion, consulting work. He also served as an award-winning professor for 13 years at New York University. His company, the Goldsmith Organization, is a global think tank that affords him the opportunity to develop and strengthen leaders’ skills through consulting, speaking services, educational materials, and new business development opportunities. David has several patents pending as an inventor.

David also believes in service and has volunteered his time to organizations such as the Veterans Outreach Center, the Citizens Foundation, and the American Management Association’s Operation Enterprise (a branch of AMA that educates young people). He has worked with Intel to distribute over 4 million copies of the content of "Paid to THINK" to emerging markets around the world.

Within the speaking industry, David has been recognized as one of Successful Meetings Magazine's Hottest 26 Speakers. He is also known for founding and operating the fastest-growing speakers’ association in the world. He has served on the board of the International Management Council, and was the telecast host for both the New York National Speakers Association and the IMC.

Most notably, David is the creator of Enterprise Thinking, the practical and comprehensive approach to leading and managing detailed in "Paid to THINK."  Enterprise Thinking is based on research revealing 12 universal activities that move organizations, careers, and lives forward. Enterprise Thinking contains within it a “toolkit” containing more than 200 proven decision-making tools for leaders in businesses, non-profits, and organizations including military, government, and education.

  • Paid to Think®
  • Forecasting: Harnessing the Power of Future-Focused Decision Making
  • The Art and Science of Competitive Intelligence
  • Rethinking Leadership and Management
  • Win By A Nose, Lose By A Nose
  • Redefining™ Your Future
  • Creating a Culture of Innovation
  • Winning in the 21st Century
  • The Secrets and Strategies of Empowering Others
  • The Advantages of Thinking Global

Change, Goal-setting, Strategic Planning, Leadership, Customer Service, Entrepreneur
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"You delivered a much needed presentation not a canned program. So much so that you had our National Director biting at every word. Your ability to frame complex issues into bite size chunks is a skill to be admired. I found you were able to redefine the challenges in our industry and then offer new solutions to huge problems. At times I wanted to shake my head as I realized you found the critically new approaches to some of our largest obstacles." - Ohio Association of Ambulatory Surgery Centers

"It's safe to say that in our 100-year history, there has never been an expert speaker that has delivered so much information and value to the event than you delivered this past week. Your predictions as a futurist were completely on target. Your advice as a business expert was incredible. More specifically your research was impeccable and your ability to transform the information into a mind jarring presentation was perfect. That was not only my opinion but of the entire conference attendees. All day long you could hear board members use your strategies or comment on the event. Tom Cortopassi, one of our board members, commented that traditionally we spend a few hours working and then the balance of the day playing. It always seemed like everyone was eager to run out and play golf or do whatever. But this year, everyone stayed 3 hours longer than they expected just to work with you." - California League of Food Processors

"I truly loved the presentation and wish that he had more time to speak. David gave some very valuable information - and he is very likable as a speaker... I usually listen to a speaker and think in the back of my mind - would he work in addressing my sales team - and I think David would work perfectly!" - US Airways

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