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Wayne Ranney has lived his dream – worldwide adventure travel accomplished on somebody else’s dime, a unique “outdoor office” in the bottom of his beloved Grand Canyon, and the gift to share his passion for earth history in a way that everyone finds enchanting and inspiring.

Wayne has traveled to over 75 countries as a shipboard and land-based naturalist, where he gives engaging lectures on how the earth’s landscapes have evolved. He has visited all seven continents and such diverse places as the South and North Poles, the lush jungles of the Amazon, the soaring heights of Mt. Everest, and the depths of the Grand Canyon. His manner of traveling views everything on its own terms, without judgment or scorn, so that the true spirit of the land and people shines through to the eye of the beholder. To listen to Wayne is to feel as if you are actually transported to the place, to feel and see it much like the locals do. Wayne is an accomplished photographer and illustrates his lectures with selections from his voluminous collection of colorful slides.

Wayne is a successful interpreter and speaker, a trail and river guide, an award winning author, and a consultant to many television documentary shows like the National Geographic Channel, the Discovery Channel, the History Channel, and others. He has written six books and is asked to speak on many international trips by Smithsonian Journeys, Lindblad Expeditions, TCS Expeditions (providing private jet tours worldwide), and the GrandLuxe Railroad (a private luxury train that travels the rails in North America). In each and every case, he is invited to come back and thrill future travelers with his calming and informative voice.

Wayne is a renown expert on the Grand Canyon and how it may have formed. His book, “Carving Grand Canyon” won a National Outdoor Book Award in 2006. He holds an advanced degree in geology and is well qualified to speak on the topic, yet he delivers his communication in a way that everyone can follow. Jargon is never used and audiences leave wanting more. The land has inspired Wayne and he shares this enthusiasm with his heart and soul.

Wayne's hobbies include: writing, traveling, watching summer clouds, photography, and river rafting. His home in Flagstaff, AZ is decorated with items garnered from the four corners of the globe, reflecting his many travels. Let him inspire your group with a talk on the mysteries of how the landscapes of our planet have evolved!

  • Carving Grand Canyon: How It Came To Be
  • Trek To Everest Base Camp: Fifteen Days to the Foot of Earth’s Highest Mountain
  • Sedona’s Magical Landscape
  • Antarctica’s Icy Majesty
  • Visualizing the Ancient Landscapes on Planet Earth
  • Journey to the Earth’s Poles: North and South

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