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When Lee Silber speaks, people listen. Audiences listen because Silber is a dynamic speaker who engages attendees with humor, magic and creative skill-building activities that keep everyone on the edge of their seat. An amazing thing happens when Lee speaks—even the seasoned “been there, done that” meeting planners stay. From the first few words they realize they are about to hear creative, fresh, and tangible solutions to everyday problems—all delivered in an entertaining way by a guy who has written 19 books, founded five companies, and hosts his own radio talk show.

Many best-selling authors are asked to speak, and Lee Silber is asked to speak a lot. What’s different about Silber is he was an award-winning speaker before becoming a best selling author and is a speaker first and writer second. With over a thousand presentations to his credit, Lee has learned how to turn an ordinary meeting into an extraordinary event that people talk about and reflect on long after he is gone. He went from owning a chain of surf shops to traveling the country working with (and hitting home runs for) heavy hitters like Sempra, Lucent, General Motors, Hewlett-Packard, GE, Qualcomm, Paramount Pictures, Petco, and the San Diego Padres.

Today, Silber is on top of his game and puts his extensive experience into every custom program he creates and delivers for rave reviews. He is also using innovative and new techniques to make sure he makes an immediate and lasting impact on the people and companies he works with. Silber uses a variety of modern methods including going undercover in companies to look for people doing things right, multimedia (mixing in music and video), as well as magic, humor, and original stories. Along with a clear, simple, and memorable message, Lee creates real take-away value by making custom mini movies of the main points as an effective follow-up tool.

With more than 19 books and 21 years of experience, Lee’s list of topics is long, but each and every one can be customized to match your individual needs and goals. His presentations produce a lot of “aha!” moments when he speaks and even more “wows!” when he’s done. Silber is known for being prepared, professional, and personable (read: easy to work with) and lately has been the go-to guy when meeting planners need a polished speaker on short notice. He takes a fresh approach to coming up with just the right program, delivering it in the right way, all at the right fee for your group.

  • Think Different
  • Take This Job and Love It // A Novel Approach
  • Think Fast // Street Smarts
  • Dates in Your Calendar are Closer Than They Appear
  • It's Not You, It's Me // Simplicity: The Eighth Wonder of the World
  • The Wild Idea Club // The Ripple Effect // Win From Within
  • How To Get Up In Front Of An Audience And Not Look Like An Idiot
  • End on a High Note // Touchdown! The Customer Care Playbook
  • The Amazing Life of Barbara "Sunshine" Blake (A True Story)
  • The Perfect Pitch // Build a Bike, Change a Life // Trainwreck

Time Management, Creativity, Goal-setting, Marketing, Balance
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