Ben Stein

A comedian of world-class wit - and financial acumen - Ben Stein is the nation's self-styled "hope for the new millennium." His deadpan delivery carries an unexpected wisdom that has made him a national celebrity.

Funny Man: Stein offers laughter, insight and tears as he explores society's most quirky conundrums. Armed with a curmudgeonly persona and offbeat style, he dissects the economy and helps audiences balance life's priorities, even as he offers an eye-opening tour of its greatest absurdities.

With A Serious Side, Too: An exceptionally gifted economist whose market analysis is sought by companies and organizations across the country, Stein is author of "How to Ruin Your Financial Life," "Yes, You Can Time the Market!" and "Can America Survive?: The Rage of the Left, the Truth, and What to Do about It," co-authored with Phil DeMuth. Some additional books include 'The Gift of Peace: Guideposts on the Road to Serenity ", and "Yes, You Can Become a Successful Investor!" "Reaching for Yield in Today's Market", again co-authored with Phil DeMuth.

And a Resume to Envy: An unlikely Renaissance man, Stein's career achievements range from speechwriter for President Nixon to the pop icon who starred as Ferris Bueller's teacher. He is, above all, an expert on bringing meaning to both life and work.

Charity: Ben Stein works with family recovery to the surviving spouses and orphans and parents of American warriors killed in the fights against terrorism.

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