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Dr. Peter E. Tarlow, Ph.D, Founder and President of Tourism & More, is a world-renowned speaker and expert specializing in such areas as: the impact of crime and terrorism on the tourism industry, event and tourism risk management, and economic development. Tarlow earned his Ph.D. in sociology from Texas A&M University. He also holds degrees in history, in Spanish and Hebrew literatures, and in psychotherapy. Since 1990, Tarlow has been teaching courses on tourism, crime & terrorism to police forces, security & tourism professionals worldwide.

Peter Tarlow is a well-known author in the field of tourism security. He is author of "Tourism Security," a contributing author in the first major book on tourism security, Tourism, Crime and International Security Issues, writing a book on sports security, and has published numerous academic and applied research articles regarding issues of security. Tarlow also writes and publishes "Tourism Tidbits," an electronic newsletter on tourism and travel. He is a founder and president of Tourism & More Inc. (T&M).

In 1996, Tarlow became Hoover Dam's consultant for tourism development and security. In 1998, Tarlow's role at the Bureau of Reclamation expanded. He was asked to develop a tourism security program for all Bureau of Reclamation properties and visitor centers. In 1999, the US Customs service asked Tarlow to work with its agents in the area of customer service, cultural awareness, and custom's impact on the tourism and visitor industry. In 2000 Tarlow, due to interagency cooperation on the part of the Bureau of Reclamation, helped to prepare security and FBI agents for the Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Games. In 2003, Tarlow was asked to take on special assignments dealing with iconic security for the US National Park Service.

Tarlow also lectures for Homeland Security. In that capacity, he has lectured to both urban and rural tourism areas across the U.S. Tarlow lectures at major universities worldwide. He also lectures on the topic of prisons as breeding grounds for terrorism for the United States Bureau of Prisons and for the Department of Justice's counter terrorism groups.

Tarlow has worked with US government and international agencies such as the US Park Service at the Statue of Liberty, The Smithsonian's Institution's Office of Protection Services, Philadelphia's Independence Hall and Liberty Bell and New York's Empire State Building. He has also worked with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and the United Nation's WTO (World Tourism Organization), the Center for Disease Control (Atlanta, Triangle Series). Tarlow speaks throughout North and Latin America, the Middle East and Europe. Some of the topics about which he speaks are: the sociology of terrorism, its impact on tourism security and risk management, the US government's role in post terrorism recovery, and how communities and businesses must face a major paradigm shift in the way they do business. Tarlow has trained numerous police departments throughout the world in TOPS (Tourism Oriented Policing Skills) and offers certification in this area.

  • Smoothing Out Rocky Economic Roads: What Tourism Needs To Do To Stay in Front of These Economically Challenging Times!
  • Surviving Economically Challenging Times: Best Practice from Far and Wide
  • Assessing the State of Your Tourist Industry
  • Benchmarking and Tourism /// Sports Security
  • Brochures: Expectation vs. Reality /// Foreign travel vs.domestic travel (issues of health, language, culture, things to prepare for)
  • Business Retention, Tourism and Economic Development
  • Cultural Tourism: Can It Work; How to Make it Succeed
  • Making Tourism Profitable // Green Tourism
  • Doing Research on a Tight Budget /// How to prepare our clients for the most successful trip (for corporate travel groups-many more on this)
  • Ethnic Tourism: How to Market it While Being Sensitive to the Socio-Ecological Issues

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"We really enjoyed Dr. Tarlow's speech. He had great information! Thank you!" - American Bus Association

"Dr. Tarlow is a rare gem when it comes to professional speakers. With an energetic and charismatic delivery, Dr. Tarlow provides profound insights and practical considerations for a wide range of tourism security issues. ...Dr. Tarlow challenged our audience to think..." - South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism

"As usual your presentation skills and tourism passion were abundant during the conference! I've been singing your praises for a long time here in the Tourist District. Perhaps it's time to show Orlando your unique style. It was great seeing you again!" - Orange County Convention Center

"Very much enjoyed your speaking engagement. Your background is quite impressive. It takes a very effective speaker to maintain my interest, and you did so." - Great Alaskan Holidays

"Thanks for sharing your insights with us in Anchorage... You delivered some very useful info in a collegial and entertaining fashion, which made your time with us fun as well as informative! Thanks again." - Alaska Geographic, Anchorage

"I loved your presentation at the Visit Anchorage luncheon... Your energy and humor are so welcome!" - Anchorage Chamber of Commerce

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